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    Seen here in order Mason Crosby, Colorado, who's projected to be drafted first among Specialist had 10 career 50 plus field goals entering his senior season including a 60 yard game winner at Miami. Brett Bergstrom, E. Washington sensation known for great kick off's and kicked 4 beyond 50 this season including 59, Kyle Stringer, Boise State and Mitch Lively, Sacramento State is among top Seniors in the 2007 Draft Class

    Players arrived to Reno, NV and to begin the April 1-4 workouts and were surprised at the calm and welcoming weather conditions. Typically Windy, Cold days were sunny and calm.

    Sunday and Monday April 1-2 were Performance Training Days and Combine Prep and Assessments and the Free Agent Pro Team Showcase was held Tuesday April 3rd with additional workouts held for the Performance Camp post combine on April 3 & 4 and 5th waw private training locally.


NFL Personnel attending the Pro College Football Reno NFL Workouts included:

  • Mike Priefer, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Bobby DePaul, Jim Taub and Kevin O'Deah, Chicago Bears

  • Ted Dasher, Cleveland Browns

  • Jeff Robinson, Minnesota Vikings

  • Bruce Reid, Dallas Cowboys

  • Jeff Rodgers and Al Everest, San Francisco 49ers

  • Mike Stock and Shawn Slocum, Green Bay Packers

  • Kevin Meganck, Buffalo Bills

  • Thomas Mack, New York Giants

  • Jim Barker, Calgary CFL

    "NFL Coaches relayed they were especially impressed with the Free Agent
    workouts of punters -

  • Filip Flipovic, S. Dakota P/KOS - Strong and Athletic Righty with NFL Experience. Punted one season for the Dallas Cowboys and has seen pre season and camp experience in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Houston has been ripping up the Pro College Football NFL Team Exhibitions in Tampa and Reno and private workouts in California and is drawing major interest from the New York Giants, Buffalo, Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers. Expect him to sign soon. Prospet Grade A- Signed to the Chicago Bears April 29, 2007

  • Ryan Dutton, Minnesota State P - Big Strong and Smooth Lefty with a vetran attitude that can back up QB. Played expectional in NFL Europe 2 seasons ago. Had an injury set back but was exeptional at the Pro College Football Reno NFL Workouts. Getting serious interet from Dallas, Houston, Green Bay, Giants and Minnesota. Prospect Grade B +

  • Ken Parrish, E. Stroudsburg P / K - Strong Leg - Working out again for the Giants. Killed the ball at the Pro College Football Reno NFL Workouts. Still working out his drop but could see interest from Philadelphia, Green Bay, Pittsburgh or CFL? Prospect Grade B-

  • Mitch Lively, Sac State P/KOS - General Area Qualifyer - Hits a huge ball. Has Size and Ability. Still developing technique but should see day 2 action on draft day or free agent offers but is also a Baseball Draft Prospect Pitcher. Could see interest from San Francisco, Green Bay, Giants, Minnesota. Prospect Grade B+

  • Jeremy Schatz, Alabama P/K - Small but extremely fast. Has technique and ability coming from a big time program. Smoked the Pro College Football Tampa workout punting, not as consistent but some nice balls at the Pro College Football Reno NFL Workout but demonstrated he could kick off and hit a big ball. Could see interest from Green Bay, Buffalo or CFL. Prospect Grade B
  • Kyle Turano, Ohio State P - Big with a very strong leg. Can hit the big one. Will have to overcome minimal playing experience behind some very good Ohio State Punters and work out his footwork and ball set timing. Might be a player to watch. Prospect Grade B-
  • Mike Brown, FAU P - Quick Leg, can work on power and footwork and ball set, has some work to do. Prospect Grade D+
  • Tyler Hunter, Albion P - Very Strong and Athletic. Has big ball potential. Needs experience and to settle down at workouts. Small school player with strong work ethic. Possible guy to watch. Prospect Grade C+

  • Justin Davis, Kansas Weslyn P - Medium Size Righty. Small school player but just started his workouts. Still has work to do on technique and power before he will draw pro interest. Prospect Grade C-
  • Justin Bergandahl, Nevada P, NFL MC Chiefs - Strong Leg smooth lefty that can punt in the wind. All WAC Selection. Reworked footwork recently. Hitting a nice ball. Didn't work out in showcase. Prospect Grade B+/A-

  • Tyler Jones, Boise State K - Accurate and Stong Kicker. Mostly technically sound and is a solid camp prospect. Has Pre Season Experience in Washington, Cleveland where he hit a game winner and Practice Squad in Chicago as well as top accuracy in NFL Europe in Hamburg in 2006. Could see interest from Kansas City is working out for Seattle this week. Prospect Grade B+ / A-

  • Mark Myers, FAU K - Tall and Athletic player. Dramatically improved since Tampa had a great workout at the Pro College Football Reno, NV NFL Workout. Interest from Chicago and Kansas City. Prospect Grade range B / A-

  • Brian Brooks, Louisville K - Very Strong and accurate. Working on Kick Off Steps. Great Field Goals needs to demonstrated kick off ability to teams. Lack of College Experience but intriguing ability. Could draw future NFL interest. May have to go AFL or CFL route before given that opportunity or try to be allocated and win an NFL Europe Spot. Prospect Grade B-

  • Mikael Bjork, Fort Lewis College K - Strong right with has basic technique on field goals still developing kick off footwork. Great college numbers. Strong work ethic. Has work to do but could be an NFL Europe in 2008 or Arena League guy this year. Prospect Grade C+ / B-

  • Pat McDonald, Univ. Alberta LS - Big and Strong. Excellent Speed and athletism. Projected 2nd round pick in the CFL Draft by Calgary. Strong interest for the 25 yard old from the New York Giants. Prospect Grade A-/A

  • Taylor Inglis, Univ. Alberta CFL Edminton LS - Very accurate, quick and dependable. Athletic and already, has 2 years CFL Experience at only 23 years old. NFL team would have to buy out his contract but has interest from Green Bay and other teams. Prospect Grade A- / A

  • Ian Smetona, Texas Tech LS - Tall and Athletic. Has improved times and accuracy dramatically since college. Could see interest from Green Bay and other teams. Prospect Grade B+ / A-

  • Dominic Giametta, Texas State LS - Very athletic. Medium sized but strong. Attended workouts with Houston last year. Could draw interest from several teams. Prospect Grade B+/A-


Mason Crosby, Colorado NFL's Top Draft Prospect 2007 at Paul Assad's Pro College Football Reno, NV Performance Camp 2007

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  • Mason Crosby, Colorado K - If he wasn't already, good enough, he's getting even better demonstrating and dramatically improved and impressive his kick off at the Pro College Fotball Reno Performance Camp with a best kick off of 4.32 - 81 yards into the wind and 60 plus range Field Goals is the No. 1 rated Draft Prospect by Pro College Football - Top Teams that likely to draft him include the New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons. Prospect Grade A

  • Brett Bergstrom, E. Washington K - Couldn't make it because of a previously scheduled workout in Spokane with the Giants is Rated No. 2 Draft Prospect Kicker by Pro College Football. Has a tremendous leg, had 4 over 50 including a 59 and big kick off could be drafted or signed by a free agent by Green Bay, New York Giants, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Houston or Seattle. Prospect Grade A-

  • Mathew Nuzie, U. Conn K - Strong Leg 55 plus field goal range and adequate kick off power. All Time Scorer. Gets the ball up quick and has range. Could be a Sleeper Camp Prospect this year. Prospect Grade B+

  • Mike Barrow, Idaho K - Known for accuracy. Still gaining strength after a knee surgery. Might have to go Arena League a year before his leg is ready for the NFL? Prospect Grade C+ / B-

  • Kyle Stringer, Boise State - P/K - Most under-rated Specialist in the Draft. Rated top 3 by Pro College Football has hang time, distance, directional ability and can kick off and kick field goals. Might see interest on draft day late or free agent camp leg to Houston, Green Bay with the most interest from the New York Giants. Prospect Grade B+/A-

  • Jason Sutton, Colgate P / KOS - Stong Leg, hits a long ball and progressing hang time ability - hit a 5.38 - 65 yard punt at the Reno Camp - Sleeper Camp Prospect - possible teams include Green Bay and New England. Prospect Grade B / B+

  • Kurt Milne, Hawaii P / KOS - Has a strong leg, late bloomer is a secret because he only punted 12 times his senior year. Has the ability to be in camp this year with an NFL team and developing kick off ability. Prospect Grade B / B+

  • Matt Overton, W. Washington LS - Medium Height but very strong. Very fast and accurate. Tremendous workouts at the Pro College Football Las Vegas and Reno workouts. Could see interest from several teams. Prospect Grade B+ / A-


  • Clint Stitser, Fresno State K - Former Lou Groza Finalist rated top 3 2008 Draft Prospects has a huge kick off leg and 60 yard range.

  • Brett Jaekle, Nevada K - Tall and Smooth. Made 4 field goals in the MPC Computer Bowl vs Miami. Developing strength and making some minor adjustments of technique to stretch his range on kick off's and field goals.

  • Zach Whited, Nevada P - Tall and Fast. Has range and hang time. Working on Handle Times and timing. Already, has many huge punts in big games. Hard worker and Coache's son. Should be a top prospect in 2008.


Taylor Inglis, EdmintonLS

Pat McDonald, Univ. Alberta LS

Ian Smetona, Texas Tech LS

Mark Myers, FAU K

Tyler Jones, Boise St. K

Matt Nuzie, U. Conn K DE 07

Filip Flipovic, S. Dakota P

Jeremy Schatz, Alabama P/KOS

Taylor Hunter, Albion

Kyle Turano, Ohio State P

Jason Sutton, Colgate P / KOS DE 07

Mike Brown, FAU P

Justin Davis, K. Weslyn P/KOS

Ken Parrish, E. Stroudsburg P/KOS

Mikael Bjork, Fort Lewis, K

Ryan Dutton, Minnesota State P

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