NFL Draft Watch - How Good is Colorado's Mason Crosby - Examining Technique and Ability

Crosby Could be one of the Best - The NFL's most attractive Draft Prospect gets even better - See the Field Goal and Kick Off breakdown

Paul Assad "known as the Kick Doctor" has Coached both Crosby and Janikowski - he breaks down technique myths - NFL Personnel are surprised when Assad says Crosby is improving everyday and just might be better - Overview and Observations :

Crosby is the closet prospect to come along comparable to the NFL's Highest Paid Kicker Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders who just signed a 5 year 10 million dollar contract which exceeded his first 5 year - 5 million dollar deal but Crosby, might just be worth more to a team looking to not only solidify the position - his long field goal threat and ability to smash kick off's make him a weapon..."

Most NFL Coaches didn't understand Janikowski's technique - now his set up position and leg action is the model for upcoming talent of the Pro College Football Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping Performance Training School.

Coach Perspective: Examine Technique, what's understood and what's not about his footwork, set up and leg action. Crosby getting better everyday. He recently made some minor adjustments and the results are stunning.

Assad about Crosby -
"Anytime you get an athlete like Mason - the little things like wt. shift, the distance of a step and tempo can bring dramatic results. I'm excited about what this guy is going to do..and a smart GM and Coach will be too..this guy has no problems, when he's off, he's still better then most and when he's on, watch out, that's when the stadium is going to loud - it's amazing and nobody talks about a long field goal being exciting but the fans seem to love it..I think we're approaching a new era in football when the kicker will ignite the crowds and people will stare at the set to see the long kicks, this guy makes the short kicks too...people over-reacted after the NFL combine...his snaps and holds were off he wouldn't single a guy out and say anything but the NFL Coaches see the film and know."

College Highlights: Crosby won the starting spot as a true freshman in 2003 for all 12 games, made 31 of 37 extra point attempts (three blocked), and seven of nine field goal attempts (long; 44 yards). In 2004, he again kicked in all 13 contests earning unanimous first team All-Big 12 honors after making 31 of 33 extra point attempts and 23 of 29 field goal attempts (long; 60 yards). Crosby was selected to the All-Big 12 first team for the second consecutive year in 2005 and was the runner-up for the Lou Groza Award after converting all 31 extra point attempts and 21 of 28 field goal attempts (long; 58 yards) in 13 games. In 2006, Crosby again earned All-Big 12 first team honors after kicking in all 12 games, finishing 19-of-19 on extra points and 19-of-28 on field goals (long; 56 yards).

The Senior from Georgetown, Texas, hit 19-of-28 field goals in 2006, along with all 19 of his extra point kicks. He was 17-of-19 from 49 yards on in, as most of his misses were from 55 yards or longer. A 56-yard field goal against Texas Tech was the second longest in the NCAA this season. His 76 points led Colorado in scoring.

..."his long field goal threat and ability to smash kick off's make him a weapon"

Mason Crosby's Kick is about Position, Weight Shift, Leverage and Speed - Let's Break Down Field Goal and Kick Off's


  • Illust. A : His Pre Stance position - doesn't have to overcome off balance momentum he used to face the ball slightly sometimes this caused a push on extremely long kicks because he couldn't get the ball fast enough with the velocity he was creating. Adjustment - Starting with the Left Foot downfield the kicking foot's first step can naturally release toward the plant position.

  • Illust. B : Timing Step - After missing some kicks at the NFL Combine - this is the NFL's biggest knock on his technique because he steps downfield with a large step forward it would sometimes create an extreme angle toward the ball - his recent adjustment of in prestance has softened this up and he is more balanced and fluent into his jab step.

  • Illust. C : Jab Step with the Kick Foot - small step stays balanced with body over his setting up his drive to plant step stride with balance.

  • Illust. D : With his recent slight adjustment of angle he's balanced and is fluently moving toward the plant foot not the ball to set up his position and kicking swing lane.

  • Illust. E : "Stacked It" - His deep plant position helps him get his weight over the ball on his plant which acts an "Axis" to pull the kicking and assist upswing thru impact. His hips are open to the ball not downfield with his weight forward which helps him pulls thru the ball fast and upward.

  • Illust. F : Force Arm Slide and Fulcrum Placement parallel position - With a wide plant, his upper leg gets the Knee "Fulcrum" in a position to fire the foot thru and upward thru impact.

  • Illust. G : "Stay Stacked" - By holding position on the plant axis he is able to generate more foot speed then he would with squaring his downfield hip release. When his weight is foward he can hold this position thru the kick with less margin for error where when his weight is not foward like many kickers will compensate with body release or skipping downfield before they have made impact.

  • Illust. H : Natual Finish - Speed and impact has completed and his natural release from the hips open to the ball can relax where he's finishing square at completion of the kick.



  • Illust. A : From close to 9 yards back he begins with walking steps toward the plant foot and gradually speeding up where his tempo in college was slow then fast he is more fluent and gradual in momentum building.

  • Illust. B : His steps are even where he is always balanced which avoids recovery and helps him hit his plant mark consistently.

  • Illust. C : His last step sets up this plant direction, momentu and ability to balance so he can be fast after he sets.

  • Illust. D : Step to the Ball - He recently shortened this step which is allowing him to balance, establish his front side to pull with speed and athletism.

  • Illust. E : Fast on Axis - His deep plant position, open hips with kicking side hip behind the ball helps him power thru impact where spinning on axis - plant leg balance helps him get thru the ball and clear the kick.

  • Illust. F : Hold and Clear - By holding his torso position open to the ball his kicking leg is able to pull thru impact and clear and the momentum pulls him off his plant where many kickers are pushing off the plant because the are not establishing position set up.

So even though this exeptional player is rated high among specialist, he continues to improve the subtle points that help him be better. He has a strong work ethic, is personable and even somewhat shy at times. Mason Crosby should be a great and welcomed addition to any team and have a solid NFL career.

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