Basics of Assad Techniques - Ready - Set - Fire "Center at Impact" to Kick like a Pro - with Matt Bryant who's 62 yard game winner is the 2nd Longest in NFL History.

See NFL Player Development Training Techniques - Catch up with Paul Assad "The Kick Doctor" speaking at this years AFCA Convention Jan. 9th 7pm & 8pm With Common Sense and basic movement and balance applications we can simplify the kicking process (pictured is Matt Bryant, NY Giants Rookie Scoring Leader 2003 - now with Tampa Bay - on Oct. 22, 2006 nailed one of the most impressive field goals in NFL history, a 62-yard game-winner at the buzzer, to give the Bucs a wildly improbable 23-21 victory over the Eagles

The Assad Methods for Center at Impact (Defined as the Leg Extending and Up-swinging through the Bodys Center of Gravity as a Position), players are able to eliminate some of the most destructive margins of error and with aggressive Athletic Movement and Discipline we can effectively produce great kicks and punts. Remember there are good plans, bad plans (These can be reworked), the most important thing is to have a Plan or Guide to follow before you kick to execute in all situations. I hope you enjoy the Pro College Football Tips and Skill Series.

Crawl to Walk Progressive Skill Drills like No Step, 1 Step, the 3 Point Drills (on www. can promote programming the desired muscle memories and structuring practice in two phases : Swing Building and Team Situation where the player should narrow his focus on ANCHORS (The singular focuses that promote execution) can allow the player to visualize a game situation and with success there start to gain confidents for the regular season. Remember that 100% focus on task requires a Pre Decided Mentality. Anything distraction such as frustration or too great of excitement or getting worked up about the results rather then the process of the task is lessening focus.

1. PRE STANCE ALIGNMENT IMPORTANTS - Kicking foot slightly opened unobstructed by what will be the kicking foot which is set straight at the target). This promotes the Jab Step (First Real Step at the ball toward the plant position rather then the ball which then promotes setting up swing lanes to kick in the direction of the target.

2. APPROACH AND PLANT AXIS - Where will you Pull the Trigger From? 2. Perhaps, thinking Apples Then Oranges Making Kicking simple and less strenuous on muscle groups of the upper leg (Groin and Hip Flexor) could be a simple matter of position for most. By Creating the Position to Kick From by Finishing the approach with rhythm and balance (Distance from the Pre Stance) to the Plant Guidline: Deep vs Shallow ; Wide vs Narrow: The guidline we follow is "Not too far to lunge but not so close to be jammed". We think Step (Jab) and Reach (Plant) to Position. It all Matters Torso Role: (Keeping the body Hips and Kicking Side Behind the Plant Leg and Foot at ALL times to avoid over-run and disruption of upswing and foot position at impact). This requires pure stepping and not pushing off steps or winding up through the approach and also by raising the opposite arm from the kicking leg at Lock N Load the player will have opened the body and thus enabled the leg to create more speed through length while the upper torso is compact and balanced. The absence of recovery for balance and Setting Up position to Kick where the by opening the hips to the ball not target and establishing both balance and depth on the plant foot will promote the ability to generate more speed and control. By establishing the head position over the ball which keeps the kicking side hip back we can now create more speed and upswing. (Hint: Lunging or pushing off the jab step to the plant promotes sliding of the hips and this can be very disruptive to the players ability to balance at Lock & Load and then execute the desired upswing necessary to kick with trajectory.

3. LEVERAGE - SLING SHOT - Hold your position. Keeping the head over the spot where the ball is will keep the kicking hip back and enable speed and upswing and hold the target line. We want to extend through upswing at impact Center for the greatest outcome. Also small steps and keeping the hips under the body and creating foot speed from the knee position to extend and Center rather then using the upper leg, hip and body to save kicks when the player is in poor position to create speed and upswing we can control and counterbalance the movement. Suggestions: The Assad Method Center At Impact Instructional Videos provide a broad overview of technique and pro modeling with practice routine and how to avoid and overcome limitations with suggestions for growth. Pro College Football is the Training Choice to footballs richest, most famous and successful players. Pro College Football provides year around Private Training and Kickers Paradise Camps June / July for Youth, High School, College and Professional Players and coming to your location can be arranged.


  1. Dry Approach steps and leg swings thru the uprights - Focus on rythm and letting the leg swing free down the target line.
  2. 1 Step Field Goals (Drive Step to Plant then Kick) - Focus on Point of Balance at Plant Position and Timing.
  3. Half Speed Kicking gradually speeding up - Focus - Kick at a Specific Target "Overfocus" on a object behind and above your target.


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