JESSIE AINSWORTH - ASU DE 07 - FG ASSESSMENT MISS - Right Footed K. You see his drive step too big so his body is sliding so he needs to ake ths step smaller so he can stop at point of balance and pull up his target line which you see him do here..

KODY BLISS - AUBURN #2 DE 07 - Right Footed Punter is his primary position. As a Kick Off man he's small but has a quick leg. His drive step is too long so he struggles to establish his plant position deep enough as well as point of balance. He hips will slide and he'll push off his plant to get thru it because he's not deep enough on his plant. Camp guy maybe late draft selection.

MASON CROSBY - COLORADO - DE 07 - Right Footed Kicker. Big, Strong and Fundamental. Has a nice rythm to his set position. Made lots of big kicks. Needs to show consistency. Projected top 4 rounds - rumour 2nd round by New Orleans. Breaking Down a little too much and creating a down motion so you see him kick the ground sometimes. Nature of the lift drill sometimes. Immediate NFL Starter.

FG Assessment: He planted shallow You see he's not stopping at his point of balance and so his torso is slipping and you see his swing lanes turning left.

NICK FOLK, ARIZONA - DE 07 - Right Footed Kicker. Has a 10 Yard Approach, creates a stride in his steps, maybe a little big but he gets momentum so it's ok as long as he can balance, set and clear. Looks like he's stopping and clearing but his upper body is leaning back so he's not going to pull thru and across with as much speed as he could be if he were to establish his front - plant side and pull upward using his leverage. Should be in Camp.

CARNEY - DE 07 - K Good Deep Plant Foot. Needs to get his knee inside more and stay up taller so he can clear on the upswing basically because he's not catching up so you see the push right.

BRANDON PACE #10, Virginia Tech - DE 07 - Right Footed Kicker. Seems to have a strong leg but needs to work on this footwork to the ball. He pushes into his plant foot basically and this creates too much momentum to stop and clear basically he generates his power with thrusting thru the ball where you see other good kickers set at the plant position and pull thru with the foot.

JUSTIN MEDLOCK 8 - UCLA K DE 07 - Left Footed Kicker. Solid Kicking Technique. His strength is his speed, flexibility and alignment - notice his kicking leg clearing inside and that pulls him thru. Camp Guy. Depending on where he goes.

#4 Basic Kick Off Technique looks sound. Stays up, Estbalishes his kicking leg inside and drives the ball a little can work on his upswing.
FG: You see his footwork approach to the ball is smooth and he sets and his release point at contact is off his kicking side hip.

ALEX REYES - TEXAS TECH - P/KOS - DE 07 - Right Footed Punter that kicks off. Holds, Kicks Off as well. Needs to work on conditioning and holding the ball longer so he can clear on the upswing basically.

DANIEL SEPULVEDA, BAYLOR, P DE 07 - 2 Right Footed Punter - Two Time Ray Guy Winner. Big and Strong. Kicks the ball hard. Drop in different but he makes it work. Best upside is athletism and attitude. Former LB conversion. Tackles well. 2-4th Round Projection immediate NFL Starter.

ADAM PODLESH, MARYLAND P DE 07 - Right Footed Punter. Strong Athlete. Middle size. Has a drop step then covers just 2.5-3 yars. Consistently solid thru college. Rated 2nd in this class. Should be drafted 4-6th round.

ADAM GRASSLE, PITT DE 2007 - Right footed punter that can kick off - Big and Strong. Has a solid college career. Didn't blow up the combine. Some technique and speed work can help. Projected camp guy.

SEAN DOUGLASS, WASHINGTON - Right Footed Punter. Has good numbers. Excellent size and strength. Technique will help. Projected camp guy.

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