Sean Senn


Bishop O'Dowd Varsity Football, Oakland, CA

Sean Senn, Bishop ODowd High School
Oakland, CA
2017 Recruiting Class
SEAN SENN, BISHOP ODOWD 2017welcome to #TeamAssad Sean Senn who will be a senior the fall of 2017. Sean does some...
Posted by Assad Academy of Pro College Football Specialist on Monday, January 11, 2016
Coach Paul Assad Scouting Kicking Evaluation and Overview:
Sean Senn, Bishop O'Dowd High School Specialist Kicker and Punter in January of 2016:

Sean came out to Modesto, CA in January of 2016 for an Evaluation and to then begin Basic Training - A Foundation of Football Kicking and also Punting Lessons.  

Performance Factors:
Initial Analysis of Player is kicking the ball approx 30 - 35 yd range but the ball is low. Player is making the transition to 1" tee and doesn't seem used to the angle.  Player added distance with range increase to 45 yds and good lift at 2nd session.

Technique Factors:
Immediately, I thought his footwork and depth set up positions were outstanding and because he was accustomed to already, being in these positions I felt that he would progress quickly.   The first thing I noticed was that Sean has a big "Timing Step" he likes to use at the snap where he dramatically picks up his right non kicking foot.  I decided at this time I would prefer to work on other things and come back to that later. 

Pre Stance:
Has a consistent walk off and sets up the same every time in the middle of the field.  We did make an adjustment to his hash mark set ups so he is in the same place.  His right hash kick set up was wider then his left hash mark set up pre kick so this was throwing off his alignment and other key factors.

Set Up:
Plant Foot Depth and Posture Factors:  
I like his set up mostly.  He is close enough to the ball to kick it well.  His angles are also fine and he is in a very good position to be strong and kick the ball hard.

Leg Action and Alignment Factors:
His leg action is something I felt was his biggest initial area to improve.  I felt that his swing was coming in "Flat" and he needed to learn how to kick more in sequence upward through impact.  We worked on this the most by helping him learn to set up in better positions and hold his kicking positions longer until his foot came upward.  Thumbs Up!

Ball Flight Factors:  
His flight is too low initially and he needs to get the ball up quicker and further to play next level.  Sean just started using a 1" Tee so this is perhaps, where the flat swing was coming from.  He made a dramatic improvement to his kicking adding 10-15 yards but with a much better ball flight.  He's more connected and controlling his actions better now. Thumbs Up!

Punting Evaluation:
Player has good hands but seems to have 30 yd max range minimal hang time and needs to kick the ball downfield much further and higher to play at the next level.  We covered everything in the Punt from the pre kick catch position to finish and he improved dramatically.

Performance Factors:
Initial Analysis of Player is that he was hitting the ball approx. 25-30 yds with a max of 3 sec hang time.  Ball is cutting across field.  Player does not seem in control of kick distance or direction.  He improved dramatically and was turning the ball over at 2nd session past 35-40 yds over 4+ seconds.

Technique Factors:
Stance and Set Up:
He was moving in several different directions and it's difficult to transfer energy to the ball this way.  

Ball Presentation and Position to Kick:
We worked on sequencing where he could learn to catch and set the ball and walk to his plant foot set up and create a position to be strong and fast by leveraging.  He dramatically improved this.  Thumbs Up!  He can still work on his ball presentation and create more separation to punt to get better results.

Leg Action and Finish:
His set up improved but his leg is swiping the ball and not in sequence yet.  He will have to put in work and reps here.  I had him Punting the ball 15 yards further and much higher after Basic Training he can do much better with work.


Watch Video Lesson with Voice Over Evaluation: