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Congratulations Aaron Dutton Modesto Junior College Defensive Player and Long Snapper who receives a scholarship to NAIA...
Posted by Assad Academy of Pro College Football Specialist on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coach Paul Assad Scouting Kicking Evaluation and Overview:
Aaron is athletic and an outstanding Defensive Player and team mate.  He received a scholarship to National NAIA Powerhouse Tabor College in the KCAC.  I had many opportunities to place this player at the D2 or D1 level but because of eligibility and needing AA from Junior College player had to wait to transfer.  He will report for spring ball of 2016 in KS.

Performance Factors:
Player started out with the ability to get the ball to the holder on field goals with a spiral most of the time.  He occasionally would skip the ball and can snap Punts but because he was on Punt Return and Defensive he alternated Punt Snapping.  He would get the ball to the Punter at 14 yds typically around .80 - .85 and was 50% on accuracy to the Punter occasional mis fire went over the Punters head.  By year 2 he improved this into the .7s and much more accurate and consistent.  

Technique Factors:
Was very narrow on his set up and bending from the waist and flipping the ball with his hand.  This is sloppy and inconsistent.  He dramatically improved his work ethic, effort and ability to snap by creating an athletic position and a more connected movement in sequence.

Set Up and Routine:
Player had no real routine to speak of.  He just bent over and used his hand to snap one handed.  He learned to be systematic and more disciplined and could self correct after an error in a game or practice.