Michael Cloutier


American River Football, Sacramento, CA


Coach Paul Assad Scouting Kicking Evaluation and Overview:
Small but quick leg.  Adjusted getting him closer and angle of approach and plant position so he transfer more force.  His ball straightened out immediately.  He looks to have range back to 45-52 yard field goals.  Rates D2-D1AA ability field goal rating.

No Kick Off at first session Kicking and Kicking Off Set Up and Routine Factors:
Pre Stance: 
-Player has a consistent walk off and sets up the same every time in the middle of the field???

Player makes an adjustment to his hash mark set ups so he is in the same place on a right angle from each side in relationship with the target line so alignment factors are true?
-Sees much better on left hash and lines up a little narrow on right angle and crowds himself.

Set Up:
Plant Foot Depth and Posture Factors are in relationship with the ball and target line or needs to adjust depth and posture?
- Made a good adjustment.

Leg Action and Alignment Factors:
This Players Leg action is in sequence and creates good angles for kicks?
Good Job.

This Player sets up Alignment and holds the kicking position until the kick has completed?

Ball Flight Factors:  
His flight is optimal for ball flight trajectory minimal blocks at the line of scrimmage and maximum distance angle?