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Paul Assad, Pro College Football offers Player Development for American Football's Kicking Game including Kicking Field Goals, Kick Off's, Punting and Deep Snapping Expert Instruction. In addition, Pro College Football excels at assisting players with the opportunities at the next level college and pro in the form of profiling and rating players at camps and training sessions and offers special camps for ranking that pro teams attend from the NFL, CFL, AFL and has produced the majority of the Specialist Draft Picks and Free Agent Signings each year.

Development and growth starts at any level. The earlier you begin the better you will get.


209.595.4277 (KICK). - Please, only call one of the numbers they both forward to the answering voicemail or phone.

The Kick Doctor
...help on the field so we are sending himt o the Kick Doctor to learn how to kick the winning goal