Sebastian Janikowski - Pro Football Player

Position K
Height 6-2
Weight 250
Birthdate 03/03/1978
Hometown Daytona Beach, FL
Glove Hand Right
Roster Status Team Roster
College Florida State

Raiders Exp
Acquired D1-00


Tied the NFL World Record with a 63 yard Field Goal in 2011 in Denver.  Raiders All Time Kick Scoring Leader and Long Field Goal Record.  The 63 broke his previous record of 56 and then 57 yards.  He was  a First Round Draft Pick and has remained with one team his entire career. 



Scouting (Staff):
Paul Assad, Pro College Football Player Development and Scouting comments: Perhaps, the strongest kicker ever seen. In practice sessions with Paul Assad, Trainer he sailed field goals as far as 77 yards and kick off's nearly 85 plus yards with hang time exceeding 4.47. Has the ability to extraordinary. He knows alot and understands how to be systematic and problem solve. Changed steps to kicking foot forward in year 4 of his pro career but still 2 steps with a jab. Technically, he doesn't walk off his steps but rather angles back on a direct line to his plant foot. Actually, plants toe inward but is able to get his kicking leg knee established inside the plant leg and ball so the kicking leg hinges and extends with ball deflection toward his target. Has a very deep plant foot and with his size and strength capable of booming performances.

Has become the Raiders leading scorer and set the franchise record with a 57 yard game winning kick vs the Jets in 2008. Signed 10.5 million - 5 year deal recently approaches his contract year.