Brad Namdar, Plano West HS - TX


Brad Namdar, Plano West High School
Was at Texas Tech
Scheduled for SMU
Open to Transfer Immediately
Recruiting Prospect

225 squat 340 run 4.6 40 yd. dash

Haven't Evaluated Player yet.

Making dreams become reality characterizes Brad Namdar’s goals in life. As a talented young athlete caught in the system of sports and politics, Brad has found success as a mentor coaching young children.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Brad’s athletic career began shortly after he learned that he could control a ball at will. Once high school began, Brad’s athletic prowess became known throughout Plano as a standout football player and, unusually, a gifted soccer player. Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that Brad must have worked twice as hard gaining credibility in football due to his size of 5”6’.

Brad set numerous records on the football field as the varsity kicker at PlanoWestSenior High School. A bright future in athletics looked secure for Brad; but due to a combination of high school politics and bad luck shortly before football playoffs, a promised scholarship did not come to fruition. Despite this, Brad was successful in securing his second choice of playing football at TexasTechUniversity.

Brad moved to Lubbock, Texas to continue his football career, and looked well placed to secure the starting position for his sophomore year. He had worked hard, and proved himself both on and off the field. Nevertheless, football at Tech did not fulfill the promise of success for reasons still unknown, and Brad Namdar left Texas Tech in controversial circumstances. He is remembered. Fans at Texas Tech recently started a Facebook group petitioning for Brad’s return to the football team because the kickers on the team this year are not performing.

In spite of his success in football, soccer is Brad’s true love. There is nothing that he is more passionate about. Following a long held ambition, Brad enrolled at Southern Methodist University, which is known for its nationally ranked Division 1 soccer team. This spring Brad will battle for a roster spot. By carrying the hope and faith of his community on his shoulders, Brad’s demonstrates the characteristics of a pure kid who works hard for the love of the game.

Brad’s series of letdowns and his fresh, unconventional approach have influenced his current commitment in the development of youth athleticism within the Plano/North Dallas community. Brad notes that in this community “there are so many kids with dreams and aspirations. I tell them everyday to believe in themselves and to accomplish their goals no matter what the odds are.” Brad’s firsthand experience with facing adversity and overcoming disappointment contributes to his ability to effectively mold young children into star athletes. Within the past 2 years, Brad has coached over 200 young kids. Brad instills the importance of hard work and dedication in each child who he coaches. Joanie Sigman, a mother of a child who Brad coaches notes the dedication that Brad exhibits. “Each child reaches his or her full potential when they come into contact with Brad’s approach” she says. “Brad carefully evaluates the skill level, and tailors his training not just to the ability of the child, but also to ensure they have fun”. It seems this is a formula that is working not just for those lucky kids, but also for Brad himself. Joanie adds “My son was a child that had potential, but lacked confidence and skill. Thanks to Brad, he is now one of the stars of his team.”

Brad’s knack for identifying with children allows him to connect with kids in ways an average coach could not. At 19 years old, Brad has already shown the community his resilience by continuing both football and soccer despite disheartening setbacks. Giving up is not an option for Brad Namdar; he can handle any situation that might come his way. “I don’t know what kind of role model I would be if I quit playing during times of adversity,” says Brad.

Brad Namdar is a household name in the Plano/North Dallas area, and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name across the country.

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